ASPE Conseil is a consulting firm and training provider offering consulting and services in the field of regulatory affairs and quality to companies operating in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food supplement and cosmetics sectors.


Company History

ASPE Conseil was set up in 2007 by Michel Huc, who holds a PhD in Pharmacy and has 30 years’ experience of the pharmaceutical industry. He was previously the managing director and head pharmacist of several pharmaceutical companies with responsibility for pharmaceutical operations (R&D, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and production).  



Our Team

ASPE Conseil is aware of specific demand for consultants with a high level of expertise in regulatory affairs and quality and has therefore built a team of specialist consultants who offer both scientific and regulatory expertise.

Our team members from various specialist fields work in synergy to ensure 360° management of your projects. Field experience and routine regulatory monitoring are our team’s forte, enabling us to be realistic and effective when addressing the requirements and issues encountered by health product manufacturers.


Human Values

ASPE Conseil seeks to stand out from the crowd of conventional consulting firms. It takes an interpersonal approach focused on individuals. Our consultants are aware of the major challenges faced by healthcare companies in terms of regulations and standards and therefore offer their time and an attentive ear to effectively meet your requirements.